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Haere Mai

Welcome to Waimakariri Heritage, a place to conserve and curate community memories and taonga. 

The vision is for our local community to share knowledge and to tell their stories about life in Waimakariri District. Waimakariri Libraries will continue to digitise archival assets for preservation and community access. North Canterbury has a unique history, and the site will enhance connections to our past, present and future.


Waimakariri Heritage provides online access to photographs, books, documents, video and audio recordings and is managed by the Waimakariri Libraries.

Our aim is to provide a digital space to share community stories and history and bring them together in one place for now and for the future. You can browse or search our constantly growing collections The  foundation for the collection is migrated content from the now disestablished Waimakariri Kete website.

We are adding new stories and collections all the time and you can also contribute your own memories and comments by registering with the website. We would love your help to identify and name people and places in some of the images in the collection. You will also be able to share your stories - this can be a written memory, oral history or photographs of people, places, events etc. We would love to hear about life in the past and life today.

 For further information please email or phone (03) 311 8901


Community contributions

You may want to share a story of life in the district today or in the past, perhaps you have some photographs, old letters or other ephemera as well.  You may want to talk about school life, clubs, sports, an old building or business, workplace, or an event. We would love to hear from newcomers to the district as well as those with deep connections to the Waimakariri, everyone has a story to share.

Waimakariri Libraries will moderate all content before it is added to the site.

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

·       The content you are contributing does not infringe the rights of another person – you must own the content or have permission to use it. You must comply with New Zealand Copyright Law

·        If your contribution is considered taonga or connects to Māori, you have considered the appropriate cultural and ethical aspects regarding making this contribution. This will include consulting with and obtaining the appropriate permissions.

·       You must not make defamatory statements about another person. You do not post any contributions that contain sensitive, objectionable, obscene, offensive, or disturbing material, or that could be considered “harmful” under the New Zealand Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015.

Refer also to the Terms of Use for the website for more information. 

If you have content, you would like to share and need assistance please email  or phone (03) 311 8901. Our heritage team will be able to help you assess the material, ensure that all details are correct and help with scanning and uploading of items.


Removing content
If you do find inaccurate material you can tag, or add a comment or get in touch and we will make the correction. If you would like an item removed from the collection please email the heritage team including as much detail as possible. We will consider your request and reply to you in a timely manner.



Waimakariri Libraries uses Creative Commons Licensing whenever possible. We support open and shared access to all material on this site on a non-commercial basis. If you are reusing content we would remind you to always include a reference and link back to the original material.
Some content on the site may be subject to Copyright; if you are unsure please email us for clarification.

When you share content to Waimakariri Heritage you are agreeing to the reuse of you content under the following Creative Commons License:

CC BY-NC: This license allows reusers  to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. 

It includes the following elements:
BY    – Credit must be given to the creator
NC –  Only non-commercial uses of the work are permitted


You can find more information about creative commons here



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